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• 5/15/2018

Can we change White Pearlwort to White Clover?

The white clover is Nancy's motif throughout the game. The official tracklisting on the album calls it "しろつめく" which I believe should be translated as "white clover", not "white pearlwort". The white clover appears in the form of the necklace, as well as the field that Alyssa wakes up in at the end of the game. It only makes since that it would also be the name of the song that Nancy sings to her, and not some other flower.
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• 5/13/2018

Should Jennifer be included in Dead by Daylight?

I was thinking Jennifer's character would make a great addition to the game, but I'm having trouble thinking of perks for her. I also think that Bobby would be an excellent idea as a new killer. Thoughts? Ideas?
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• 3/6/2018

Some cool things about Ghost Head/The Struggle Within

Hi there! This is my first post for anything. But i have recently bought both a copy of TSW as well as a Japanese copy of Ghost Head for my growing collection for Clock Tower stuff, when i had a silly strange idea. I have a Windows 10 Computer, what would happen if i put in these nearly 20 year old games and see what's inside?? Well, maybe...just maybe i found something new involving just how development could have gone for Ghost Head! But all of this is just mere speculation, i am bored right now and feel like talking about this, i really LOVE this game despite how crap it can play often, and i legitimately want someone to come around and prove me wrong so we can dig up more info about this gem!

Tl;DR version for people with short attention spans: There is a possibility Ghost Head was developed around a 4 month time span, while it somehow took longer to translate/program the English version in 10 months! If the dates on each disc when you put it into a computer is anything to go by.


The earliest date that could be found on Ghost Head is simply in the first folder "SBXA", the first XA. file being from 11/28/97 with the other dates in the folder being close around that same time with the exception of one file..."SB04_01" which was changed on 1/18/98 for some strange reason. Next, we look at the GAME/TITLE files that are on the root-- 2/3/98, just more then a month ahead of Ghost Head's March 12th 1998 release! The newest file on GH is actually the SLPS file, being 2/4/98...But aren't those files for Sony's licensing?

If we are to put 11/28/97 and 2/3/98 together, that's 3 months and 5 days. What fills in the gap between Febuary 3rd and March 12th is most likely the mass production phase of the game-- Since Japan is a smaller country, i believe it's rational to assume HUMAN had a good month to print more copies-- Making this strange cycle 4 months.

The earliest date found on TSW is from file "TITLE.MTM" which was said to have been last used on 8/20/98, GAME last modified on 6/14/99, SLUS was put on the disc (And possibly given the green light by Sony if these files ARE for licensing-- I am aware these names are on the case) on 7/22/99, The Struggle Within then coming out on October 31st, 1999. Mass Production in America can range between 2 or 3 months, which gives enough of a time frame for the American Devs to print their mone-- I-I mean, games! Yeah, that's it. Let's just assume they started on 8/20/98 and concluded on 6/14/99...A little less then 10 months?! If these dates are true...HOW?!

GH's GAME/TITLE files were completed on the same day, yet TSW has three different time periods where someone tinkered with it! was done on 3/30/99, TITLE.s3m and GAME were last touched on 6/14/99 while TITLE.mtm was on 8/20/98...I believe because of the tinkering of the TITLE files is why we have things like the "Sound Test" glitch, that being only present on the American version. The Main Title Screen for The Struggle Within (Where you press start and that loud glass shattering sound plays) comes up 5 seconds sooner then Ghost Head's, thanks to the fact that Agetec cut GH's logo from the Opening FMV-- This could be another reason for the Sound Test glitch as well.


Misc. Details: Ghost Head's audio tracks go on for 42 minutes, while The Struggle Within was around 47. In game with a few lines for TSW, there are times where it sounds like someone is really sped up! And then there are other times where there are just odd...silence in between lines said. I believe that Agetec just got lazy and decided to just overwrite the Japanese tracks with the English ones! Literally. No editing in anyway, not even to save disc space. The long pauses are because something is being said in the Japanese version while nothing is going on at all in the American version (Example: When Stephanie says "Ha! I'm going to kill you!" two times over the phone in Chapter One with that long silence in between). They must have found out that because TSW has more audio, they have too make space taken up since they just used the Japanese tracks! What do they do?? My money is on that this is why some dialogue is sped up.

OKAY, I'm done talking about this game for right now. Hopefully we can put our heads together and figure out what we can about TSW/GH, and i hope that my post is somewhat entertaining for the hardcore Clock Tower fans out there! Thanks for putting up with my long ass post.

Until next time! Them stalkers can't catch you if you keep running. ;) -Nega Scott
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• 2/8/2018

Bates should have been the only protagonist in clock tower 2

He was the most interesting character in the game and his story would have been way cooler to see
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• 2/3/2018

Clock Tower Wonderswam

I was playing the Clock Tower wonderswam version But I died a lot of times because I don't know which is the Panic button... Can someone tell me which is the Panic button for the Wonderswam version? :)
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• 11/27/2017

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• 1/29/2017

Remothered: Tormented Fathers releasing this year for PS4 and PC

Remothered was re-revealed yesterday as "Remothered: Tormented Fathers", the first chapter in Chris Darril's Remothered Trilogy. The new version of the game retains the spirit of the original with a heavily altered story. The first game will follow Rosemary "Mary" Reed as she enters a mansion owned by a rich professor. It's inhabitants are Richard Felton, his nurse Gloria and his adopted daughter Jennifer.
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• 12/11/2016
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• 3/7/2016

Free Online TV

I found a really cool online news site that streams different news channels from around the world at
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• 11/29/2015

New here! HUGE fan of CT3 & HG

Hey everyone! I'm a new member to this wiki but I have come on it several times :) I LOVE Clock Tower 3 and Haunting ground SO FREAKING MUCH <3 I'm just about an adult now, and I remember playing it as a kid(weird considering the gore and stuff, I know). I just love the stalker games, the TRUE survival horror games, where you don't have any weapons or protection(except maybe a dog hehe ;)) and all you can do is run and hide to escape your pursuer. There's no guns, no bombs, etc. That's what makes it scary! Anyway, I have played probably each game(CT3 & HG) at least 20 times each game, so I would love to talk about it with anyone about anything. I'd love to get involved in this wiki and see the series just come back to life, really. It's my childhood!

Do you guys know of any games similar to Clock Tower 3 and Haunting Ground? These games have my favorite style. I love the panic meter, the stalkers, the defensless protagonist... I also own Rule of Rose. Other than Rule of Rose, I haven't found any games that are similar to CT3/HG. Can you give me some suggestions?
I own 2 copies of Clock Tower 3, 3 copies of Haunting Ground(2 opened, 1 unopened), and a copy of Clock Tower 1 and 2. I know a lot of people don't like CT3, but I personally LOVE it and think it is the best game. It's 3D, the graphics are the best of any game, it's super scary(i just wasn't scared of CT1/2 at all), and surprisingly enough, it's the longest game in the series despite being very short. I can't bring myself to go through the long intros of clock tower 1 and 2 just to get a different ending and I found myself getting bored really quickly. What is you guys' favorite game?
REALLY looking forward to Night Cry, I think it could really give us hope to revive the clock tower series, although I wish it wasn't point and click it is staying true to the first ever clock tower game. I prefer CT3 though as I said before, I think it has the best storyline, best characters, scariest gameplay, longest gameplay, 3D, best graphics, etc.
Hopefully we can talk about the games :DD
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• 8/27/2015

Introducing New Gaming Footers

Game Footers

The new game footers are brought to you by Encyclopedia Gamia and our very own Games Hub. The basic goal is simple: draw together Wikia communities in one location that enjoy the same genres and hopefully expose them to some new games and communities they might be interested in. Our secondary goal is to try and connect editors looking for help with members and administrators from other wikias who are interested in helping them out, whether it be with content, technical knowledge, or insight gleaned from running a community.

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• 4/4/2015

Photo of my New Kitten!!!

My new kitten, I named him Hairball.
[Kiiten Pic[1]]
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• 2/7/2015

Building the Remothered Wikia

Hello everyone,
I'm recently new to the wikia community and a fan of the Clock Tower series. As you all known, Remothered has their own wikia page, and I need help building up the page since the admin hasn't udated anything yet and I can't do it all on my own. I only have made two pages so far on characters and I would like to have some extra help.
Feel free to edit any mistakes or misleading content I have added.
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• 1/7/2015


What happened to all the pages about it?
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• 12/13/2014

Helen's backstory

Where's the source of it?
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• 11/3/2014

Project Scissors interview

I've found and interesting interview from Hifumi Kouno on the website Technology Tell about the upcoming Clock Tower spiritual sucessor.
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• 9/21/2014

Project Scissors

So, the Clock Tower series is coming back somehow after all, huh. :)
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• 1/22/2014

Daniella a lesbian ?

Sometimes, Daniella was getting too close to Fiona (almost kissing her) and even literally touched Fiona "there", when Fiona was sleeping. Anybody else suspect about it, too ?
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• 1/11/2014

A new poll

Please admins of Clock Tower wikia, make a new poll and not one about remothered, this game had not even been released.
Don't tell me i'm gonna have to wait for a new poll until May 2014 to wait for a new one in July 2014 to wait for a new one in May 2015 to wait for a new one in July 2015 to wait for a new one in May 2016 to wait for a new one in July 2016... I'm just saying a new poll every two or three months wouldn't hurt.
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• 1/11/2014

Remothered instead of Clock Tower series ?

Why do people here talk more about Remothered than the Clock Tower series ? I would understand if the game already has been released, but it hasn't yet.
Sorry for any english mistakes. I'm brazilian
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