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But then along came that wench, Ayla. She stole Ugo away from me!
—Lorenzo to Fiona regarding her mother

Ayla Belli (エイラ・ベリ Eira Beri) is the mother of Fiona Belli and the wife of Ugo Belli. She was killed immediately when the family experienced a car crash before the events of Haunting Ground. Ayla died immediately, unlike Ugo, who survived the crash, but was killed soon after by hand of Riccardo Belli. She was 45 when she died.

Lorenzo Belli was vexed that Ugo had left the castle to marry Ayla, a human, since Ugo carried the Azoth that Riccardo did not. It is unknown if Ayla was aware of her husband's unnatural ancestry.


  • It is possible that what Daniella is seen cooking in a pot at the beginning of the game is the remains of Ayla or a female homunculus similar to the one that Fiona saw in a water-filled tank in Riccardo's laboratory. Fiona comments that it looks something like "angel hair pasta" (Ayla and the female homunculus possessed fine, blond hair). Later on, Fiona will comment "The pot is filled with what look like tendrils. Wait a second, this looks like ...human hair!" Daniella supposedly serves this to Fiona later on; Fiona does taste some of it before hesitantly thanking Daniella for the meal and leaving. Immediately after, Fiona comments that she doesn't feel good and seems to have lost all of her energy. Who Daniella may have cooked is never explicitly revealed.
  • Ayla has a conversation with Ugo in "Endless Zero."
  • Ayla dying in a car crash may be a throwback to Nancy Hamilton dying in a car crash in Clock Tower 3, while Ugo is killed by a sharp blade, a possible reference to the death of Philip Hamilton.