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Azoth... Essence of life... of life... of wo... wo... woman... WOMAN!

Azoth, also known as "the stone of the wise man" or the "philosopher's stone", is a vague element mentioned in Haunting Ground, and one of the most important symbols of alchemy. Azoth is necessary in order to create artificial life. Because of this, it can be considered to be the "essence of life" or "soul".

All living organisms and creatures have a little Azoth inside of them internally, so it could be thought of as a "lifeforce". However, because Fiona Belli is from the Belli lineage of alchemists and a descendant of alchemist Aureolus Belli, her Azoth is more potent and she is targeted by Daniella, Riccardo Belli and Lorenzo Belli. It is strongly hinted the Azoth exists inside the female womb as it is the "origin of human life" (there is also an optional scene of Riccardo poking a rod into Fiona's vagina and analyzing it). It can be assumed it exists in male sexual organs as well, although there's not enough data to support this.

Azoth may be a liquid because Lorenzo says, "I won't leave a drop behind, my dear." while holding Fiona.

Riccardo extracts Azoth from the blood of animals, implying that Azoth has something to do with blood.[1]


  • The Azoth shares a slight resemblance with "Vitae" from Amnesia: The Dark Descent. "Vitae", is an essence of sorts that is extracted from tortured humans, and occasionally dogs, which can extend one's life for centuries if consumed in large amounts. Both Azoth and Vitae are extracted after the human and animal victims being heavily tortured, which ends in the victim's death.