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Barrows Castle.

Barrows Castle

Barrows Castle.

The Barrows Castle is the final location in Clock Tower. It is the main setting of Scenario 3. It is located in England.

According to the Japanese novelization, located in northern England, the castle stands on a cliff facing the English Channel. This contradicts a map shown in the game, which seems to imply the castle is located in southern England, specifically, in or near London.


The castle was built in mid-15th century by Theodore Barrows, the first lord of the Barrows Family and a veteran of the Hundred Years' War.

The very first Scissorman was born in this castle, called "Little John" and started to kill the children and people within the country. He was then stopped and killed by his father, Quintin Barrows.

After his death, there was a power struggle within the Barrows clan, likely as a result of those who supported the Great Father and those who did not. Due to a peasant uprising at the beginning of the twentieth century, the Barrowses were ousted from their castle, and they moved across the sea to Norway.

Clock Tower[]

After learning of the Barrows Castle either from Rick or through research in the Municipal Library, Jennifer Simpson, Helen Maxwell, and a group of people from the University Research Building traveled to the castle to find clues regarding the statue as well the key to kill Scissorman.

At the climax of the game, the castle collapsed due to its old age as well the Door Spell being activated by either Jennifer (Jennifer's Scenario) or Helen (Helen's Scenario).