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Barrows Mansion in the SNES intro.

Clock tower

The Clock Tower under a red sky.

The Barrows Mansion, otherwise known as the Clock Tower or Clock Tower Mansion, is the setting of Clock Tower: The First Fear. It is a huge mansion situated in the mountains of Romsdalen, Norway, sporting a large clock tower with a green roof on the south-east side. It is roughly square-shaped and has a swimming pool in the inner courtyard.


The Barrows Mansion was built sometime in the early 20th century to be the residence of the Barrows Family when they moved from England to Norway, and so they need a new, more modern residence instead of an outdated old castle.

It is implied that the mansion has been passed down through the Barrows family, and since it is more common for wives to take the surnames of their husbands, it is likely it was inherited by Simon Barrows, and that he shared it with his wife Mary Barrows. Rick used to be a butler at the mansion.

Mary adopted a few teenage orphans to be her new daughters. On the walk to the mansion, Mary often referred to a "Mr. Barrows" (Simon). However, as Jennifer Simpson and her friends, Lotte, Anne, and Laura Harrington would discover, "Mr. Barrows" was not the master of the house any longer -- he was, in fact, locked up in a small cage.

The mansion is haunted; paintings bleed, faucets pour blood and maggots, dolls come to life, mannequins move by themselves and record players and phones can make noise without being plugged in, and a hand comes out of a mirror to strangle Jennifer. It is haunted by an enormous beast living in the caves of the mansion, Dan Barrows, in the "Cradle Under the Star", and he used his telekinetic abilities to haunt the mansion.

The mansion likely sustained structural damage, since the kerosene explosion that destroyed Dan was located under the mansion, which would probably have shaken the very foundations of the house; this is also supported by the fact that the caves seem to shake and crumble as Jennifer runs from Dan's ashes.


  • In the trailer for Clock Tower, Helen Maxwell mentions the "Barrows Mansion" and that they have to go there. However, she probably means the Barrows Castle as it is the location explored later on in the story.