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Book of Entities 1 is a document in Clock Tower 3 about EntitiesSubordinates and Rooders.


Book of Entities I

"Entities" have existed in the human realm since Roman days. These beings have been known to possess innocent humans, imbuing them with utter ruthlessness and cruelty and often driving the possessed to vicious acts of murder. In such cases, executing the murderer does not break the circle of evil and the possessed is resurrected to continue its bloodthirsty mission.

Those who are thus controlled by Entities are known as "Subordinates". When a Subordinate kills a human, they take nourishment from the victim's soul, and their power grows. Subordinates may acquire an infinite amount of power in this manner. It follows, then, that Subordinates are sustained by human misery and suffering.

Only certain humans are equipped to fight Entities and their Subordinates: the "Rooders". Rooders, who are always young women in their teens, have been battling against these shadowy enemies for hundreds of years. Their war is likely to continue for many centuries to come.

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