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Burst Shoes
In-game appearance
Increases Fiona's attack power
Refining Room
Haunting Ground
The tips of the shoes have been made with a highly-combustible material that causes the shoes to explode outward toward a target upon impact.

The Burst Shoes is an item in Haunting Ground. When equipped, Fiona Belli's attack has a chance of exploding upon impact. If this occurs, the attack multiplies by Fifty, and is evident with the presence of orange gas. Obtained with the "POWDER" plate key in the Refining Room, or through rare alchemic refining.

Note: these boots have an estimated 15-20% chance to cause a burst, the damage amount upon getting a burst is equal to 50 damage, this is 50x Fiona's default kick value, that is enough damage to knock most stalkers down in 2 to 3 hits