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Cage Key
In-game appearance
Frees crow from cage
Cage room, West Wing (SNES/PC)
Taxidermy room, West Wing (PS1/WonderSwan)
Clock Tower: The First Fear

The Cage Key, also known as the Hutch Key, Nest Key or Bird's Cage Key (depending on the translation), is an item in Clock Tower: The First Fear.

In the SNES and PC versions, it is found on the table of the room containing several cages in the Barrows Mansion West Wing. It is used in the same room it is found in.

In the PS1 and WonderSwan versions, it is instead found in a room on the left side of the West Wing containing taxidermy, various jars and a mummy in the closet. Examining the closet causes the mummy to stalk Jennifer Simpson. In order to get rid of the corpse, Jennifer must find the green dagger located in the box near the closet before opening it (note: she will only take it if the lights in the room are off) and stab the corpse with it, causing it to fall apart. The corpse drops the key.

It can be used to free the crow from the cage against the northernmost wall. Freeing the crow is necessary to receive either Ending S or A, as it later saves Jennifer from Mary Barrows in the clock tower.

The cage key can be used also to free some rats who are trapped right next to the crow, but this will not affect the game. In beta versions of the game, there was an animation of the rats running around, but it was cutted in all the releases of the game.