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Cane of Caduceus
In-game appearance
Opens escape door
Behind a marked section of wall
Haunting Ground
A old cane modeled after 2 intertwining snakes. Its wooden handle has started to corrode and has fallen into disrepair.
Cane of caduceus

The cane in the wall.

The Cane of Caduceus is an item in Haunting Ground.

The Cane of Caduceus was to become the symbol of Belli family. Fiona Belli even stated that she had seen the Cane somewhere.

To find this item, Hewie must pick up its scent in the final battle room, then travel to the cavern to take it from where it was hidden behind a wall, in the small room with two statues. Hewie should bark at a section of a wall. Examine it to retrieve the cane.


  • In Roman mythology, the Cane of Caduceus is a a staff that is carried by Mercury, guide of the dead. Also, it is commonly (as well as mistakenly) used as the modern day symbol of medicine, even though the correct symbol of medicine is the Rod of Asclepius.