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Chopper from Clock Tower 3
Around 19-20 (at time of death)
Hair color
Eye color
Woodcutter (formerly)
Head of Subordinates
Clock Tower 3
Voice actor
Mike Hayley (English)
Yoshinori Okamoto (Japanese)
You might have defeated the others, but you're no match for me! You're going to die by my hand, girl!
—Chopper to Alyssa Hamilton

Chopper (斧男 Ono-otoko), known as Harold Powell (ハーベイ・パウエル Habei Paweru, "Harvey Powell"), is the third stalker and head of the Subordinates in Clock Tower 3.


Born in 1655 in Cardiff, Wales as Harold Powell, he was a woodcutter who was hideously deformed at birth. As a result, he was laughed at, ridiculed, taunted, and bullied his entire life.

When Powell was 17, he fell in love with Emily Dickins, the local innkeeper's daughter, and proposed marriage to her, but he was cruelly rejected. In turn, he dismembered Emily with his axe and continued to abduct and murder other young women in other villages in the same fashion for 2 more years until he was caught by the villagers and sentenced to death. He had 44 victims and was sentenced to 921 years.

However, Powell was possessed by an Entity, and revived to hunt for Rooders as the head of the Subordinates.

Clock Tower 3[]


Clock Tower 3 - Enter The Chopper

Alyssa meets Chopper.

After the defeat of Corroder, Alyssa Hamilton is thrown down into "hell" by The Dark Gentleman, which turns out to be a sewer-like work place. It is there she meets her third stalker, the Chopper, who tells her she's going to die by his hand, before blocking her path and chasing her.

Unlike the previous two Subordinates, Chopper is much more agile and harder to outrun. He is surprisingly acrobatic, able to perform front flips and back flips. Following this event, Chopper will appear out of nowhere in certain areas. His attacks work both short and long range, making it difficult to dodge his axes. He can also throw his axes like boomerangs.

Alyssa Chopper

Chopper confronts Alyssa Hamilton.

Once Alyssa is able to get through a door that leads her to the storage room, she finds herself back in time to when she was a baby. She witnesses the murder of her father by her beloved grandfather's hand, and is cornered by Chopper, who cruelly taunts her. A battle ensues, though it is proven to be a trap as Chopper is easily able to stop her super attack, and sends her to his area, claiming she would suffer like all the rest, before he walks away laughing.

His domain turns out to be a graveyard filled with the tombs and spirits of Rooders who had fallen by his hand. Alyssa witnesses spirits of fallen Rooders lament their fates, mentioning the Ritual of Engagement. Later on she is attacked by Chopper who informs Alyssa that her mother Nancy Hamilton had died by his hand just as the other Rooders have, but she refuses to believe it. He attacks her again and chases her, where she finds the Compass of Shadows, as well as information on her stalker.


Chopper boss.

Later, after retrieving the Old Rooder Arrow, Chopper will launch one final attack, no longer playing around with her. He is much more powerful this time around, faster and is able to block all attacks, even charged ones. The main strategy is to flee until he says "catch!", then immediately charge an arrow at him to knock back his blade at himself, leaving him stunned and vulnerable to more attacks. He then begins curving his throws, meaning Alyssa must shoot when the blade is directly in front of him.

Eventually he is defeated, bound by a sigil and taking an arrow directly. When the attack fades he is standing for a moment, before his body is utterly destroyed, thus killing him and saving the Rooders who died by him.

He is last seen with the other Subordinates, chanting along with Dick Hamilton as the Ritual of Engagement proceeds. All of them disappear when Alyssa uses the power of her Clover Necklace.


In 1655, a woodcutter by the name of Harold Powell was born in Cardiff, Wales. Hideously deformed at birth, he suffered the taunts and ill will of all those around him. At 17 years of age, he proposed marriage to Emily Dickins, the innkeeper's daughter, but was cruelly rebuffed. In retaliation, he is said to have dismembered Emily with his axe. For years following the gruesome event, he went from village to village, abducting young girls and butchering them in the same fashion. Two years later he was caught by villagers and killed. However, Powell was possessed by an Entity, and revived to hunt for Rooders as the head of the Subordinates.


The meaning of the name Harold is "leader of an army", which is fitting as his ranking in the game is Head of Subordinates.


  • "You can't get away!"
  • "There's no escape!"
  • "Oh, nice trick! Hahaha!"
  • "Catch!"
  • "Come on!"
  • "Take this!"
  • "You are going to suffer the same fate as all the rest!"
  • "This is what happens to those who dare to stand against us!"
  • "Nancy is not the only one! This graveyard is full of the bones of those who I have destroyed!"
  • "Now you've seen the truth! It was your beloved grandfather who murdered your father!"
  • "Alyssa! What chance does a pathetic little girl like you have to bring salvation to the dead Rooders? None!"



Chopper stalking Alyssa in Hard Mode.

  • His stalker theme is "A Shadow Creeping Near".
  • In Hard mode, his axes will be replaced with small scythes.
  • Chopper shares his name with the real life Chopper Read, an ex-criminal and author.
  • Chopper is so far known to be the youngest Subordinate in the game, aged 19 just before he died.
    • Coincidentally, he is also technically one of the oldest Subordinates in the game in terms of existence, having died in 1677.
  • Chopper is the only Subordinate who is fought twice in the game. He is also the only Subordinate able to block Alyssa's arrows.
  • Chopper bears some resemblance to the God of War protagonist, Kratos, in terms of weaponry and appearance. They also both slaughtered women they had loved. However, the only difference is that Kratos' murdering of his wife was not deliberate. Clock Tower 3 was also released before God of War, meaning Chopper is unrelated to Kratos.


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