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Upon completing Clock Tower 3, the player can save their game and then start the game over from their saved file. Upon doing so, the player will receive the Wardrobe Key, which allows access to the wardrobe in Alyssa Hamilton's room; this contains several costumes. After changing into the costume, the player will wear it for the remainder of the game. Here is a video of the costumes.

Universal costumes[]

Costumes available in all releases.


Alyssa's default English boarding school outfit. It consists of a green jacket and a white blouse with a tie, a plaid short-skirt, and crocks.


Alyssa can don a similar costume to the one she wore for the final segment of the game. It is a toga-like outfit with sandals.

North American and European costumes[]

Costumes exclusive for the North American and European releases of the game.


Alyssa wears a cowboy hat along with a denim jacket and jeans, and a black bikini top.

Roman Warrior[]

Alyssa wears a revealing Roman warrior-like outfit.

Leather Queen[]

Alyssa is dressed in dominatrix-like outfit. It consists of a leather top exposing her cleavage, leather shorts, and leather boots.

Japanese costumes[]

Costumes exclusive for the Japanese release of the game.

Winter sailor fuku[]

Alyssa wears a classic blue seifuku outfit designed for wintertime. It also includes glasses.

Summer sailor fuku[]

Same as above except the blue jacket is missing and there are no glasses.

Santa Claus[]

Alyssa wears a female Santa Claus-like outfit. It consists of a red elf-cap, a red dress with fluffy white trim and a belt, and red boots.