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Clock Tower ~ Ready For The Next ~
Release date
September 2021

Clock Tower ~ Ready For The Next ~ is a mobile game using settings and characters from the first game in the Clock Tower series. The game was released by Sunsoft on September 20th, 2022 on the Google Play Store.


Taken from the Google Play page for the game:

"'CLOCK TOWER's mini-game' is here!"

"Jennifer, a young girl trapped in a Western-style house inhabited by a killer, tries to escape in the horror adventure 'CLOCK TOWER'."

"Look forward to the next one."


The game consists of three levels, the first living room with the bleeding painting, the pink bathroom, and the cage room. You play as Jennifer and are prompted to choose from one of three hiding places to evade Bobby. Pick the wrong hiding place and it's game over.

The game uses drawn still images of the characters and settings in a chibi-sort of style. You have the option to view a hint for hiding places in the current room you are in and an option to skip the level entirely.

Every time you beat a level, use a hint, or skip a level, mobile advertisements will pop up. As of 08/30/2022, there exists no ad-free version, and the game is currently in Ver. 1.0.0, meaning Sunsoft may have had plans to add more levels to the game but abandoned the idea.


The game went largely unnoticed from its release in September of 2021 up to August of 2022, where the game started receiving mention on social media. The game has seen 500+ downloads and reception has been negative. Users criticized the game's short length and continuous advertisements between levels. Many users hope that due to the existence of this mobile game, that Sunsoft still acknowledges the game's existence and will hopefully someday produce a re-release/remake of the Clock Tower games.