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Dick's Notes 1 is a document in Clock Tower 3 about Rooders and Alyssa Hamilton's birth.


2nd February, 1978

The Rooder who battle the Entities are scattered all over Europe. We, the Hamiltons, are also of Rooder stock; of this lineage I am proud. The Rooder blood is passed down to females, my wife, Francesca, was a Rooder. In my naive youth, I did not believe any of it. I denied the presence of "Entities" and "Rooders" alike, preferring to believe that it was all just an old wives' tale.

But then I found the Book of Entities, and Nancy began to sharpen her Rooder powers. I finally opened my eyes to the truth, and began my research into the subject.

13th August, 1984

The Rooder powers first appear in a young woman's early teens, and peak at age fifteen. The powers then gradually diminish, usually disappearing entirely by the age of twenty. For generations, the women of the Hamilton clan have spent their teens fighting against Subordinates for the Rooder cause, before marrying in their twenties, in order to produce the next generation of Rooders.

Nancy is already eighteen. Her Rooder powers are dwindling rapidly, and it is almost time for her to pass the job on to the next female. We Hamiltons think of our Rooder blood of something of which to be proud, as well as a responsibility that must be taken very seriously. I am sad to give my beloved Nancy to another man, but it must be done. I will watch her marry with a broken heart.

25th April, 1988

Another Rooder has been born to the Hamilton household! My first grandchild. I chose for her the name 'Alyssa'. She is bright and lively, perhaps even a little strong-willed, and yet appears somehow wise beyond her years. I pray that she will grow strong and healthy, and will fulfill her obligation as a noble Rooder.

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