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Dick's Notes 3 is a document in Clock Tower 3 about Dick Hamilton's new discoveries.


2nd April, 1998

Today is Alyssa's 10th birthday. The Rooder powers will become visible any time now. Alyssa is growing up into a lovely young lady. She is everything to me, and I wish for nothing more that to watch over her all her life. But I know that it is not to be. Every step she takes towards adulthood is a step away from me. Must I leave her? I want so much to be with her always...

15th July, 1998

I have stumbled across an incredible document. An account of a ceremony called "The Ritual of Engagement"! It is written that by obtaining the heart of a Rooder on her 15th birthday and drinking her blood, a person can be transformed into an Entity, and receive the gift of immortality. I am disgusted by the nature of this ritual, of course.

But at the same time, there is a part of me that cannot resist its allure. If I tore out Alyssa's heart with these hands and partook of her blood, I could be joined with her for all eternity. Am I capable of such a monstrosity? Must I desecrate my beloved in order to save myself?


Yet another amazing discovery: "The Legend of Lord Burroughs". In the document is a mysterious triangular crest. It is said that the one who is able to decipher the secrets of the crest will be able to become an Entity. I suspect that too is related to the Ritual of Engagement.

But what could the letters A, D, and N signify? I must know. Somehow, I must uncover the truth. The answer is hiding out there, somewhere...

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