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Dick's Notes 5 is a document in Clock Tower 3 about Dick Hamilton's discoveries.


22nd December, 2002

I have found Burroughs Castle! I have finally solved the mystery! Lord Darcy Burroughs had a daughter, Annabel, but also a son, William, from his first marriage. Although Burroughs himself was killed, William escaped, and lived out the rest of his days in peace under the pseudonym, Billy Brown.

Billy Brown... What a strange twist of fate. Although I took the Hamilton name when I married Francesca, my father was a Brown; a descendant of Billy Brown!! Which means that I am directly related to Lord Burroughs.

The A, D, and N crests also make perfect sense now. Lord Burroughs' beloved daughter, Annabel's name; his first name, Darcy; and his wife's first name, Natalya.

My name is Dick. My daughter is Nancy. And my lovely granddaughter is Alyssa.

Destiny weaves its web in the strangest of patterns. Does the legacy of Lord Burroughs live on? The fury of he who failed to become an Entity? Is it futile after all, to fight against fate?

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