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Edward (Dan Barrows)
Edward from Clock Tower
10 (born November 7, 1986)
Deceased (Ending A and Jennifer’s Ending B)

Alive (Helen’s ending B, Jennifer’s ending C,D and E)

Unknown (Helen’s ending C,D, and E)
Hair color
Blond (Human form) Black (scissorman form)
Eye color
Blue (Human form) Blank white eyes (As scissorman)
Granite Orphanage student/resident
Mass murdering serial killer
Clock Tower
Voice actor
Terry Osada (Game)
Motoko Kumai (Drama CD)
Akio Ōtsuka (as Scissorman, Drama CD)
So, you remember me now... Let's play again, Jennifer!
—Edward to Jennifer as she discovers his true nature.

Edward (エドワード Edowādo), true name Dan Barrows, is the hidden main antagonist in Clock Tower.

While seemingly an innocent boy, he is secretly the head Scissorman manipulating the serial killings behind the scenes.


According to his story, Edward was also adopted by the Barrows family (Mary and Simon Barrows) and kept at their mansion, narrowly escaping death from Scissorman along with Jennifer Simpson. Strangely, Jennifer has no recollection of him, and Edward was determined to have had amnesia when he was rescued from the scene of the mansion after the events of Clock Tower: The First Fear. "Edward" is the name he was given to him by his legal guardian, Kay Satterwhite, upon entering the Granite Orphanage.

Clock Tower[]

In an attempt to bring his memory back, Kay traveled with Edward to Oslo, Norway, where Jennifer now lives, for therapy with Professor Samuel Barton who is investigating the Clock Tower case. Kay suggests for Jennifer to talk with Edward so that his memory might return, but after a visit or two, no progress seems to have been made.

In both Helen Maxwell's and Jennifer's scenario, if the Demon Idol is given to Sullivan, Edward is seen visiting the Municipal Library out of boredom. When Scissorman attacks, Edward hides under a desk in the office. Helen takes him to the library and puts him under another desk, then sends him to a vent leading to outside.

When Edward learns of the gang's plan to travel to Barrows Castle in England, he requests to come along to help. Although worried about his safety, Kay ultimately allows it when Edward mentions England probably being safer than their city which Scissorman is in.

In the end, it is revealed that Edward really is Dan Barrows, one of the Barrows twins made infamous one year before, which makes him the younger brother of Bobby Barrows, the original Scissorman. Having accidentally been set on fire, Dan was far more larger and less mobile when Jennifer accidentally set him ablaze during her escape from the tunnels. According to sources, when the fire died out, what was left in the rotting and burnt corpse of Dan Barrows was Dan himself, seemingly resurrected; the extra scene in the PS version of the original game actually proves so.

At some point in time, either before or after Barton's therapy sessions, Edward regained his memory and realized who he is and everything that happened in the past. He then decided to follow his brother's legacy in order to become the new Scissorman, starting by calculating murders with the use of his demonic powers to sense pedophilic tendencies, then by drawing them out and fostering them. As a result, Kay became mentally and physically inseparable from Edward, to the point of willing to assist him in his crimes. Edward also began to sense Harris Chapman's desires for Jennifer. At one point, Edward told Harris that if he caught Jennifer, then he could have her all to himself.

Whether he triumphs over Jennifer and/or Helen or not varies depends on the actions of the player. In Jennifer's scenario, Edward kills Harris for spilling too much information to Jennifer.

Clock Tower: Adventure Novels[]

The Clock Tower: Adventure Novels give a new insight on Dan's character, even though Hifumi Kono, the game's director, had nothing to do with them. His motivation in the Adventure Novels is to get Jennifer to realize her heritage as a Barrows, and convince her to join him. In the introduction, Dan (as Edward) goes as far to say that he loves Jennifer.

Dan intends to resurrect Bobby by offering Jennifer as a sacrifice to the Great Father, unite with his brother to become one being, and begin the apocalypse.

In Jennifer's Novel, in a corruption of Ending B, Dan and Bobby are reborn, with Jennifer as their mother.


Jennifer's Scenario[]

Ending A - Jennifer confronts Scissorman, now revealed to be Edward. He chases after her, but Jennifer opens the vortex with the Door Spell. Edward begins to be sucked in, but grabs onto Jennifer as she is hanging from the railing. Jennifer escapes the grasp by stabbing Edward with a dagger. Edward is pulled into the vortex, never to be seen again.

Ending B - Jennifer confronts Scissorman, now revealed to be Edward. He chases after her, but Jennifer opens the vortex with the Door Spell. Edward begins to be sucked in, but grabs onto Jennifer as she is hanging from the railing. Unable to get out of the grasp, Jennifer and Edward are pulled into the vortex together, never to be seen again.


Scissorman (Edward/Dan Barrows) survives in Ending C.

Ending C - Jennifer finds Scissorman in the caves and recognizes him as Edward when he calls her name. Before she has the chance, Jennifer is stabbed by Kay. A reporter outside the castle states that many mangled bodies are being found. The rescue team behind her begin to carry a stretcher to the ambulance, revealing that they have a survivor. The survivor turns out to be Edward, and he promptly opens his eyes and smiles.


Edward in the reflection of Jennifer's blood.

Ending D - Under the fountain in the courtyard, Jennifer finds Edward outside the cave, who tells her he has found a way out and that everyone else is waiting for her. As Jennifer reaches for the door, Edward suddenly pulls out a knife and stabs her from behind, killing her, before his reflection is shown in her blood.

Helen's scenario[]

Ending A - Helen confronts Scissorman, now revealed to be Edward. He chases after her, but Helen opens the vortex with the Door Spell. Edward begins to be sucked in, but grabs onto Helen as she is hanging from the railing. With very precise timing, Inspector Gotts walks into the cave and shoots Edward with his pistol, causing him to lose his grip and be pulled into the vortex, never to be seen again.


Edward rising from the rubble.

Ending B - Helen confronts Scissorman, now revealed to be Edward. He chases after her, but Helen opens the vortex with the Door Spell. Edward begins to be sucked in, but grabs onto Helen as she is hanging from the railing. Inspector Gotts walks into the cave and sees the situation, but unable to do something, he is forced to watch as Helen and Edward are pulled into the vortex together. The scene after it shows the reporter covering the incident. It then pans to a familiar pair of scissors laying on top of the rubble and Scissorman's hand rising from the wreckage.

Ending D - Helen shoots and kills Scissorman before he could kill Jennifer, only to find out that he is Professor Barton instead of Edward. After the professor tells her why he dressed up as Scissorman, Helen informs Gotts and Jennifer of what happened. They conclude that Professor Barton was the real Scissorman this whole time, and the game ends. it's unknown if Edward is alive or dead at this ending but there are some inspection that edward lost his memory again after Professor Barton's death that Barton admits having been drawn into Scissorman's dark soul. Before he succumbs to his wound,



Edward rises from Dan's remains in The First Fear.

  • Clock Tower: The First Fear on PS1 shows Edward rising from Dan's remains, which was not in the original SNES version.
  • Being the child of Mary Barrows, he bears some resemblance to her, such as his blonde hair.
  • His name possibly comes from Edward Scissorhands, considering how the names sound similar. However, it is likely just a coincidence.
  • In the novelization, Kay tries to warn Helen that Scissorman is coming after Jennifer. Immediately after this, it is implied Edward telepathically possesses Kay, causing Kay to bleed from her mouth.
  • In the novelization, it is shown Edward has psi powers and tried to strangle Helen with chains. Edward was also apparently the one who killed Sullivan and is implied to have telepathically moved the minute hand to decapitate his head.
  • In the novelization, Edward reveals he likes Norse mythology, so he is familiar with things like Ragnarök.
  • In NightCry, an easter egg allows Leonard Cosgrove to find a photo of a doll of Edward, but the details on how to achieve this are unknown.[1] It has been rumored that it only appears in recently patched builds of the game. He comments, "Hmm... could this be someone involved in all this?"