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This golem needs not nourishment nor sleep, making this earthen guardian the ultimate safe-keeper of our deepest alchemic secrets and knowledge. I dub this creature EMETH.

Golems or Emeth are found throughout Belli Castle. They are merely clay figures that stand guard and remain motionless unless a plate key is inserted into a slot in their chests.

Considering that they have a slot that accepts plate keys may hint that they were made sometime when the Plate Key Machine was created.

Fiona Belli encounters her first Golem when a door is blocked by one and the only way to move it was to insert a plate key. Depending on which plate the player uses, the Golem can either move out of the way (Using an "EMETH" plate key) or disintegrate (Using a "METH" plate key) into a pile of dirt and give Fiona the Obsidian Choker.



Haunting Ground Golem Para-Para

The dancing Golem.

  • If Fiona inserts a "SALTATIO" plate key into a Golem, he will perform a 10 second Para Para dance, which will completely recover all of Fiona's stats.
  • The Golems are based off of the mythical creature by the same name.
  • Capcom's translation of the Book Of Origins' (Book Of Creation) author was poorly translated from Sefer Yetzirah into Seferru Yetira.