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Fresh Flowers
In-game appearance
Divert a horde of moths to obtain the Study Key
Small garden in courtyard, Belli Castle
Haunting Ground
These flowers look as if they have literally just been picked out of the ground. They are giving off a sweet, nectar-like smell.

The Fresh Flowers are an item in Haunting Ground.

The Fresh Flowers are found in a small garden in the courtyard of Belli Castle. The origins of these mysterious flowers are unknown; however, it is worthy to note that their nectar attracts moths. Despite the flowers being surrounded by an iron fence, there is a small hole in which Hewie can slip through to retrieve the flowers for Fiona Belli. Fiona must take the Fresh Flowers and place them into a vase to divert a horde of moths that had previously swarmed a door she needed to pass in order to help guide Hewie to retrieve the Study Key.

However, if the player does not place the flowers into the vase quickly enough, they will wither and be rendered useless, thus becoming Withered Flowers. Fiona would then need to backtrack to the garden and retrieve a fresh bouquet.