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Gameplay 4 is a gameplay guide in Clock Tower 3 about the boss battles.


Boss Battles

Controling Alyssa

Move - Left Analog Stick

Duck - Circle Button

Shoot Arrow - Triangle Button

Charge Arrow - Hold down Triangle Button

Super Attack - Hold down Triangle Button with enemy transfixed

Special Attack - R1 Button

Battle Strategy 1-1

In order to defeat the enemy, Alyssa must first transfix it. By hitting the enemy with a charged arrow (hold down triangle to charge) it is possible to fix them to the spot. Several strategically placed chains will transfix the target. (Aim so that the chains fan out from the target, who should be in the center.)

Battle Strategy 1-2

While the enemy is transfixed, Alyssa is able to carry out a Super Attack.

It is no easy task, however, to hit the target with the arrow. Watch the enemy's movements closely, and wait for your chance.

Battle Strategy 2

Duck can be used to avoid attacks by certain enemies. It may also cause them to become careless and vulnerable to attack.

Press the R1 Button to use special arrows such as the Repellant Arrow in the order in which they were obtained. It is needed to save these weapons for special occasions.