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Harris Chapman
Artwork of Harris
35 (born 1961)
Determined by player (Helen's Scenario)
Deceased (Jennifer's Scenario)
Hair color
Eye color
Research assistant
Clock Tower
Voice actor
Jojo Otani
It's just a hunch, but I don't think he's after me. Because... he is after you.
—Harris to Helen, regarding Scissorman.

Harris Chapman (ハリス・チャップマン Harisu Chappuman) is one of the two secondary antagonists (alongside Samuel Barton) in Clock Tower. He is a research assistant at Southern Oslo University with Helen Maxwell.

However, he is secretly a Ephebophile with an infatuation for Jennifer Simpson, as shown by his constant questioning in the prologue of the game.

In another point of interest, he has articles about the Scissorman case strewn about his desk, giving him a deeper connection to the whole ordeal.

Clock Tower[]

He is very important to the game, as the number of times he is spoken to by Samuel Barton at the beginning determines whether the player will be Helen (never or once) or Jennifer (twice or more) for the rest of the game.

As the story progresses, he joins up with the expedition to the Barrows Castle. Harris's story does change depending on the scenario being played, however.

In Helen's scenario, he is a bystander and depending on the player, he can either be found hiding in a pantry closet, where he will walk out and give Helen the fireplace key, or Helen can find his severed head in a pot in the kitchen.[1]

In Jennifer's scenario, however, it is revealed that he has been posing as Scissorman to lure Jennifer to the castle, under the pretense that he could have Jennifer all to himself if he does so. Shortly after, he is killed by the real Scissorman.


  • In the Japanese novelization, Harris assists Scissorman in hunting down Jennifer, Beth, and later Helen. However, after luring Helen down to the wine cellar, Scissorman decapitates him.
  • Harris is one of three pedophiles/hebephiles in the game, the other two being Kay Satterwhite and Nolan Campbell.