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Hebel's Perfume
In-game appearance
Used on Hewie to track White Mandragora in garden
Daniella (cleaning in caged room)
Haunting Ground
A perfume made with the extracted essence of the Hebel flower, it hardly has a discernable odor.

The Hebel's Perfume is an item in Haunting Ground.

It is a glass vial on a chain and contains the essence of the White Mandragora. Fiona Belli obtains it from Daniella while she is cleaning in the caged room, which can be accessed after the carousel is turned around. Fiona has Hewie use this perfume to track the White Mandragora in the garden and then pulls it out before feeding it to the creature at the entrance of the crypt.

However, it is not necessary to obtain this item if the player already knows which Mandragora to pick up.


  • Obtaining this item is the one time in which Daniella does not attack Fiona, merely telling her that it was a gift to her from the lord. Daniella is likely referring to her master and lord of the castle, Lorenzo Belli.
  • It can be turned into Recreatio at the Water Tower.