Henry Kaplan
Hair color
Eye color
Dark brown
Memorial Hospital director
Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within
Voice actor
David Nowlin (English)
Akio Ōtsuka (Japanese, Drama CD)
Those creatures can eat you instead of me... and while they're chewing on you, I can escape! Yes, that's it! What a great idea! Hehehe... hurry up and get eaten!
—Kaplan strangling Alyssa

Henry Kaplan (宇路 達士 Uro Tatsushi) is a minor antagonist of Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within. He is the director of the Memorial Hospital.


Not much was known what he did before George Maxwell plotted his "Cerebral Toxin Plan". However, when Maxwell researched and developed the toxin, Kaplan assisted him by providing him with patients from the very hospital he directed.

Eventually, when Maxwell went crazy from the toxin within the Golden Statue and released the zombies, Kaplan became crazy from the overwhelming number of zombies wandering around the hospital and hid inside his office.

Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within

While wandering around the hospital, Alyssa Hale/Bates will encounter Kaplan inside his office; he will be cowering by a corner, laughing manically. If the player confronts Kaplan upon first encounter as Alyssa (equipped with Amulet), upon noticing her, he voices his idea that he can use Alyssa to distract the zombies so that he'll escape. He then proceeds to throttle her, resulting in a Game Over. However, if the player is Bates, Kaplan will attempt to throttle him but Bates will kick him.

Later in the game, when Alyssa encounters Kaplan the second time before escaping the hospital, he will attempt to throttle her again; this time, triggering Panic. If the player succeeds, Shannon Lewis will appear and shoot Kaplan, killing him.


  • Henry Kaplan's hair color is different from official artwork (black) and his in-game appearance (grey).