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House Of Truth

Fiona and Hewie in the House of Truth.

The House of Truth is Lorenzo Belli's level, and the last level in Haunting Ground. It is connected to the Water Tower by a bridge under the lake.

Here, Fiona Belli finally learns the truth from Lorenzo, who will pursue her through his residence in three forms: the old, the young, and the Lord of Fire. This is where she realizes the birthmark on her shoulder was important and not just a birthmark since it helped her get the cane to escape.



The ceiling mural.

  • The House of Truth may be named as such because it is where Fiona learns a lot of truths about Lorenzo. It also ties into the truth Aureolus Belli wanted to find.


  • There's a rock crushing machine under this house.
  • In the room where Lorenzo using his power to become young again, if the player were to look at the map, they will notice that some part of the map is missing. This house doesn't seem fit to be called a "house", since there are long halls and strange rooms.
  • He has explosives inside of his house.
  • Near a clock in one area, there is a bear. It is said that the bear's eyes move every time the player saves, but is unconfirmed.
  • If the player goes into the area where the player first meets Lorenzo while he is in his wheelchair, if the player goes back there, there will be some sort of blueprints inside. The player can unlock the door with the Sol Key.
  • There is also a room with lava pit in the House of Truth, which serves as a final battle arena between Fiona and Lorenzo.