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Jessica Cook
Determined by player
Hair color
Dark brown
Eye color
Head nurse of Memorial Hospital
Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within
Voice actor
Colleen Quintana (English)
Taeko Nakanishi (Japanese, Drama CD)
This is the end... Everyone's gonna die... To wander about forever!
—Jessica to Alyssa Hale

Jessica Cook (岸 温美 Kishi Atsumi) is a character from Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within. She is the head nurse of Memorial Hospital.


At some point, Jessica grew suspicious of the hospital director's recent activities, which involved patients in the hospital. She begins to investigate on her own, and discovers the Cerebral Toxin plan. Unfortunately, by this time, there are already a large number of zombies. Thinking that it's too late to stop it, she gives up hope and becomes depressed and suicidal.

Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within[]

As Alyssa Hale wanders around the hospital, she encounters Jessica in the second floor storage room, sitting by the shelves. When Alyssa attempts to talk to her, she repeatedly states, "This is the end... Everyone's gonna die... To wander about forever!"

If Bates talk to her, he asks her about the zombies, she merely replies with the same thing as before; he then threatens to kill her, and she promptly tells him that he'll find the answer in her office.



Alyssa tries to talk Jessica out of suicide.

If the player confront Jessica as Alyssa, she will be found preparing to hang herself. Alyssa will then attempt to talk her out of it by telling her she will turn into a zombie should she commit suicide. Not wanting to be trapped between life and death, she decides to live.

If the player confronts her as Bates, however, she will have already hung herself. Upon Bates entering the room, a zombified Jessica falls from the noose and attacks Bates, then the player must kill it or get away without killing her.

Later on (if Jessica decides to live), she then headed to Memorial Pharmaceuticals Research Lab, where, upon Alyssa/Bates approaching her, she explains that she chose to live in order to find out the outcome of the incident. After this, she gives Bates a pistol/shotgun/machine gun (depending on current weapon in player's inventory).


  • If Jessica turns into a zombie and the player re-enters the storage room where Jessica transformed, she will always appear from behind the bookcase and begin stalking Alyssa/Bates again.