Kathryn Tate
Around 40
Alive (except in Ending L)
Hair color
Dark brown
Eye color
Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within
Voice actor
Colleen Quintana (English)
Taeko Nakanishi (Japanese)
Makiko Mizogami (Drama CD)
We're doomed! The Maxwell Curse is going to kill us all!
—Kathryn to Alyssa Hale

Kathryn Tate (鷹野 弥生 Takano Yayoi) is the wife of Philip Tate, the mother of Michael, Ashley, and Stephanie Tate, and the adopted aunt of Alyssa Hale in Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within.

Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within

Kathryn is first seen at the kitchen table with her husband, worrying about the Maxwell Curse. Philip attempts to comfort her by telling her Ashley will be home from school soon, when a noise is heard at the front door. Kathryn goes to check, and moments later her scream is heard. Having become a zombie, Kathryn and Philip are forced to kill and, then, dismembered her in an attempt to hide the remains.


Alyssa saving Kathryn.

Later in the chapter, Kathryn can be heard yelling at Stephanie to "Please stop!" from her bedroom. When Alyssa enters, Stephanie is about to stab her mother with a knife. Alyssa pushes Stephanie over, and tells Kathryn to run. She is paralyzed with fear at first, but when Bates takes over Alyssa's body, she runs out of the room.

Kathryn is next seen huddled over in the boiler room, claiming the curse is going to kill them all.

She later calls the hospital after she finds the injured Stephanie and Alyssa on the dining room floor. She is never seen again after this.

Alternate Endings

  • If the player does not put the amulet down before entering the bedroom after unlocking the door, Stephanie will attack Alyssa instead of Kathryn. It is assumed that Stephanie then kills Kathryn after stabbing Alyssa to death. (Ending M)
  • If the player fails to lock Stephanie in the master bedroom after Bates kicks her, after dispatching Stephanie, Kathryn will be found dead on the balcony, stabbed in the stomach by her youngest daughter. (Ending L)


  • She and Ashley are the only members of the Tate family who didn't attempt to kill Alyssa.