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Linda Owen
Linda in Clock Tower 3
Young adult
Hair color
Eye color
Nurse (currently in Africa)
Clock Tower 3
Voice actor
Unknown (JP)
Rosie Brown (English)
I've come back, Dennis. I couldn't leave you in that house alone any longer. I'm here now.
—Jemima disguised as Linda.

Linda Owen (リンダ・オーヴェン Rinda Ōwen) is a nurse mentioned in Clock Tower 3, who is currently positioned in a refugee camp in Africa during the events of the game. She is Dennis's older sister who has raised him ever since his birth. In her last letter to Dennis, she told him that she would not be back for at least six months.

Clock Tower 3[]

During one of the chapters of the game, Dennis sees what appears to be Linda, calling him from a window of a hospital. Regardless of his belief that she would not return to see him for a long time, he eagerly runs in to meet her. She claims that she came back because she was worried about him, and they embrace as Dennis states that he missed her. Linda then reveals herself to be Scissorwoman Jemima, who had taken the appearance of Linda in order to trick Alyssa and Dennis. With the help of Scissorman Ralph, they kidnap Dennis and take him hostage.

Dennis' letter to Linda[]

Hey Sis!

How's Africa? Have you seen any elephants?
I'm not too bad. Living alone is really hard, though.
Don't know how you managed to raise me!
I'll never say this to your face, but I do appreciate that, you know.

When you get back, I'll find a job and do my share. Just another 6 months.
It'll go by in a blink! I'll write again soon.
Take care.



In Spanish and Portuguese, Linda means beautiful.