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Machine Gun
In-game appearance
Weapon against stalkers
Cabinet in book storage room
Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within

  The Machine Gun is a weapon in Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within.

Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within[]

The machine gun is one of the three weapons available in-game, but is only available in Chapter 3. It can be used by Bates and ammo is limited to 20 in each round. When used, it focuses on every weakpoint on a zombie or George Maxwell, making an ideal and lethal weapon.

Chapter 3[]

The machine gun can be found at:

  • 1st floor
  • Basement 1st floor

To the left of the display case with the hanging feet (next to a spot to put down the Amulet), in the room with the Golden Statue before the encounter with Allen Hale, past the door that requires the Green Card Key (only if the player already found, or has one in their inventory)


  • Unlike the shotgun, the machine gun can knock George Maxwell down with just one shot.
  • Although one of the three weapons available, it is the hardest to find.
  • Considering the weapon icon, the Machine Gun appears to based on the Uzi.
  • The Machine Gun is the only weapon that can have it's ammo increased, find the last Machine Gun then go back and find the hidden one in the cabinate and the ammo will stack, this is so late however that it's pointless.

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