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The face of a mandragora.


Fiona tosses the mandragora in shock.

Mandragora are plants in Haunting Ground.


In order to procure the large quantity of blood required to complete the grand process, a fusion of plant and animal known as the Floranimalia was created. It was originally derived from a secret formula and named the Mandragora.

Multiple plant types were fused in an attempt to create the Mandragora. But only the combination of the Hebel seemed to possess a similar liquid composition.

In current research, our subjects are nearly identical to a real Mandragora. Flower color and an ever so faint difference in smell is the only way to tell the original apart from the substitute.

Caution must be exercised. If the Mandragora is ever uprooted, it has two powerful defense mechanisms: It emits a loud ear-rupturing shriek, and it can paralyze its attacker with poisonous leaves. If the situation becomes too dangerous, one should quickly throw away the Mandragora to get out of harm's way.

Haunting Ground[]


Daniella's mandragora garden.

The maid of Belli Castle, Daniella personally tends to beds of mandragora in her private section of the greenhouse room. Daniella is infertile, so she may think of the plants as substitutes for the children she will never have.

Keeping in line with classic alchemy and folklore, the mandragora utter an unearthly shriek, which raises Fiona Belli's panic. If Fiona attempts to hide while carrying a mandragora, the mandragora will scream and send Fiona into an instant panic.

There are various colors, including white, red, purple, yellow and blue. Fiona eventually takes a white one and gives it to a monstrous-like hand in the cemetery. The mandragora is devoured by the creature and the creature disappears, allowing Fiona to travel underground.


  • Real mandragora, or mandrake, are plants belonging to the nightshade family which contain hallucinogens.
  • Cornelia Hayes O'Herlihy, Fiona's voice actress, also voiced mandragora.
  • Mandragora have appeared in various pop culture and fiction, including Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.