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Maria Ortiz
Deceased (died 2016)
Hair color
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Voice actor
Donna Burke (English)
Shimizu Jun (Japanese)
I'm not drunk. I'm tipsy. There's a difference.

Maria Ortiz is a minor character in NightCry.

She knows Leonard Cosgrove and it is inferred that she is a professor as well. It is also implied she teaches Rooney Simpson and possibly even Monica Flores.


Chapter Three[]

Maria is happy to see that Rooney came, saying this is a good experience for her. She also adds that it's about time she plucked out someone nice from an event like this. Maria encourages Rooney to have a good time and enjoy herself at the party. She may have a romantic interest in Leonard as she hints to Rooney that maybe it was time she "moved out from the professor's nest" and spread her wings. She agrees that she has been thinking about doing so. Maria then mentions that Leonard is still single and Rooney is only "distant family". She reminds her that she can't stay under his care forever.

However, later in the Survivor Room, she shows outward resentment towards Rooney after stewing over the fact that Leonard is nowhere to be found. Though, at first, she seems relieved that she's okay. She informs Rooney that he had called an hour ago saying he's looking for a way out of this mess. Rooney remains cheerful that he is still on the ship. Maria yearns to hear from him again to feel at ease. Although Rooney tries to assure her that he is most likely fine, Maria seemingly agrees, remarking that he should be okay on the account of how this is "so screwed up".


Maria in the survivor room asking to be left alone.

Suddenly, Maria's worry grows into anger, as she revels at the fact that "the suicidal loony girl" is still standing here, perceiving her optimism as her being "peachy" in this dire situation while Leonard is missing or worse. She becomes incensed at Rooney, asking if this should be the other way around. She pokes at the irony of how Rooney is always bringing Leonard down with her "death-wish crap" yet she's the one who is safe. Rooney doesn't respond. Maria then asks to be left alone, explaining she spoke out of turn and said too much, warning that she might say far worse if she keeps looking at Rooney's face.

She is killed by Scissorwalker while Rooney climbs through an air duct.