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Maxwell tree

The Maxwell Tree

The Maxwell Curse (才堂家の呪い Saidō-ka no Noroi, "Saidō Family Curse") is a curse in Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within contained within the Maxwell family. It is ambiguous if the curse is real; Philip Tate and Shannon Lewis are shown to be believers, however, Philip later claims it never existed.

According to the legend, it is believed that the "Cursed Children"—twin girls—would be born into the Maxwell family every few generations. Once they were born, out of fear of their curse, they were to be buried alive within the Maxwell tree that resides in a graveyard.

Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within[]

In 1982, Lynn and her twin were born to George Maxwell, who buried them alive within the Maxwell Tree in the graveyard. At some point, Allen Hale, who was jealous of Maxwell and wanted to cause the ruin of him, conspired with Philip Tate to dig up the buried Maxwell twins. Although they dug up the grave, they only found Lynn alive; her twin suffocated to death.

Presumably, the persisting existence of Bates as Lynn/Alyssa's alter ego is linked to this event, though whether or not Bates is indeed the spirit of the dead twin—and, if so, how he took up residence in Alyssa's body and why he is male when the dead twin was supposedly female—is unknown. Even the Guide unlocked under the game's "???" option offers no answers, even speculating that Bates might instead be just an unrelated "ghost seeking revenge on the Maxwells." A possible explanation is that Alyssa's twin was indeed a boy and after dying of suffocation his soul entered his twin sister's body, making him technically female since he is now in his sister's body, this would fulfill the "twin girls" part of the curse, cursing the twins and making Maxwell's attempt to prevent the curse resulting in a sort of self-fulfilled prophecy.

Known Maxwell twins[]


  • As depicted in-game, when a twin becomes dominant, the other is "asleep".
    • Coincidentally, upon inspecting a mirror, the twins can see each other (Alyssa seeing Bates instead of herself; same for Bates).