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Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within

The Milicana (イノリサマ Inori-Sama) is a cheat code-exclusive weapon in Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within.

Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within[]

The Milicana can only be used by Bates and has unlimited ammo. When used, it focuses on every weakpoint on a zombie or George Maxwell, making it an ideal and lethal weapon (second to the machine gun). The Milicana is a blue repaint of the Amulet. The Milicana is represented as a purple energy ball whenever Bates uses it. When used, the longer the player charges the Milicana, the higher the damage rate it gives after firing a shot. Unfortunately, like the pistol, the Milicana has no effect on Michael Tate.

In addition, the Milicana may disappear from the player's inventory if the player obtains a bad ending and chooses to save while continuing the game.

To obtain the Milicana, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Start while starting a new game at the title screen. It may also be possible to obtain the Milicana in-game (not at the title screen) if the player presses the same buttons in-game.

Chapter 1[]

After inputting the cheat code, the Milicana can be found at:

  • First floor

Otherwise, the player will only find shoes instead.

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