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Not to be confused with Zombies.

The mummified corpse is a stalker exclusively featured in the PlayStation and WonderSwan ports of Clock Tower: The First Fear. Mummies also appear briefly as non-stalker hazards in its sequel.


Clock Tower: The First Fear[]

This enemy may be a reference to the idiom "have a skeleton in the closet", a colloquial phrase that denotes when someone has a dark secret. Thus, this would be a foreshadowning about the past of Mary Barrows.

On all the versions of the game, Jennifer might find a corpse inside a closet in the Trophy Room. In the Super Famicom and in the Windows 95 port, the corpse will only appear as an optional cutscene and will not attack. Presumably she was one of Mary Barrows's early victims that, for some reason, had her body kept as a souvenir.

In the PlayStation and WonderSwan versions, this zombie was put back in as a new enemy that chases Jennifer around the room. In order to deafeat the undead foe, the player must turn off the lights of the room to find a green dagger lying on a box in front of the closet and use it against the zombie. Then, Jennifer can obtain the cage key off the body instead of finding it laying around the room where the key is used.

If Jennifer leaves the room after awakening the mummy, it will be back in the closet when she returns; the zombie cannot follow Jennifer to the halls. If the zombie catches Jennifer, it instantly kills her with a bite on the neck.

Clock Tower 2[]

During Jennifer's third scenario, it is possible to access an underground room very similar to the Castle's Chapel. There, Jennifer can find an useful dagger lying on the floor. Shortly after Jennifer picks the dagger, a hole opens in the floor right where the dagger was a a mummified zombie jumps in. If Jennifer doesn't leave the room immediatelly, the zombie will grab and choke Jennifer to death. Once again, the zombie cannot follow Jennifer.

The corpse of John Barrows can be found as well during Jennifer's scenario, however, it will not reanimate and attack. One possible explanation for this is that the corpse of John cannot be manipulated by the Scissorman because Quintin Barrows killed John through a proper exorcism ritual. Also, it seems that the mummy enemies are past victims of the Scissorman.

During Helen's third scenario, the underground chapel is unreachable, however, another mummified enemy appears. Inside of a bedroom, when Helen checks a drawer, a mummified hand jumps off and tries to choke her, triggering a panic mode event. Helen has to use a pen lying at a nearby desk to pin the undead hand. After dealing with the mummified foe, Helen can find a note left by Quintin with a hint about where to find the Door Spell.


Clock Tower: The First Fear[]

In the Super Famicom version of the game, you can't view the close-up image of the corpse until you've re-entered the room after seeing the jar fall down. This is because the game decompresses the close-up graphics for either the jar or the corpse when the room is entered. The jar close-up only needs to be shown once, so all later visits will load the corpse graphics.

The corpse was supposed to appear as an enemy on the original release of the game for the Super Famicom, as images from the corpse coming back to life are present in the game files. However, while there are traces of things like the possessed clown doll still lingering in this version, the animations of the zombie moving around are nowhere to be found. Also, while the tiles for the bright eyes are present, there aren't actually any tilemaps that use them.

The dagger that would be used to defeat it can be found on the data as well. On a side note, the "A dagger shone faintly." text shows that the dagger's location was fully conceived as it will later appear in the ports, as you can only find it once you turn off the light in a room and see it shining.


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