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Nancy's Letter is a document and gameplay guide in Clock Tower 3 about the Holy Water, Sentimental Items and Spirits.


Dearest Alyssa,

I wanted nothing more than for you to live peacefully. But if you are reading this now, you must have come back to the house.

For your protection, I am giving you some advice, as well as instructions on how to use this bottle of Holy Water.

Holy Water Uses

1. Exorcism

If ever you are threatened, sprinkle some Holy Water on your assailant; it will cause them to halt temporarily.

2. Destroying Sigils

To break the seals that prevent access to certain places, sprinkle Holy Water on them.

Replenishing Holy Water

Always remember that the Holy Water you have is not in limitless supply. You can refill your bottle from either:

1. Sacred Jars


2. Lion Drinking Fountains

Sentimental Items and Spirits

A person who has died of unnatural causes has unfinished business in the living world. In order to protect yourself, you must work to heal their wounds.

To do so, you must find their Sentimental Item.


This is all my fault. But I will do my best  to protect you. Please remember that I love you more than anything else in the world, and I always will.