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News Article C is a document in Clock Tower 3 about the tragic death of Dorothy Rand and her son, Albert.


Family Tragedy! Mother & Son In Acid Bath Shocker

23rd November 1963. Crawley, West Sussex... Two decomposed corpses were found in a house in Russell Street on Tuesday. The victims were Dorothy Rand, 65, and her toy-maker son, Albert Rand, 34. They were found in a drum filled with acid in the garage adjoining their house.

The suspect is believed to have escaped with a sum of money after the grisly crime. Albert Rand lived together with his mother, a widow, who was certified blind and required assistance in everyday tasks. Mr. Rand's eyes had been gouged out prior to his murder, and police profiles are on the trail of the man who committed such a monstrous crime.

Police are seeking the whereabouts of a young man who had been staying with the Rands a few days before the murder. Claiming to be a distant relative of Mrs. Rand, he arrived suddenly in the area and has since disappeared.