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Obsidian Choker
In-game appearance
Suppress Luminessants' ability to detect Fiona
First encountered golem (requires METH plate key)
Haunting Ground
Choker composed of long slices of durable obsidian. Reduces the strength of Azoth "odor" emitted from Fiona. Player can more easily escape being detected by Luminessants.

The Obsidian Choker is an item in Haunting Ground.

It can be obtained by typing METH into the plate key instead of EMETH when inserting it into the first Emeth. When equipped, Luminessants cannot detect Fiona Belli as easily.


(All stats were gather though 5 separate attempts with access to Fiona's stamina value)

Stamina lost after a 5s run: 6.95 / 100

Stamina lost after a 10s run: 13.85 / 100

Sprint time to reach 95 stamina lost: 1:09.10

Recovery time from 99 stamina lost: 22.22s

Backstep/Tackle Stamina lost: 10 / 100

Stamina Recovered per/second : 3.45

--Luminescence won't follow Fiona if she is about 8 - 10 meters away--

Note: This item mirrors Fiona's base stats if no choker is equipped, no current way to determine power attack percentages.