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"A parrot...?"
Determined by player action
Hair color
Various (red, blue, yellow, green)
Eye color
Clock Tower: The First Fear
Voice actor
¿Hifumi Kouno?
I'll kill you! I'll kill you!

The Parrot is a bird owned by the Barrows family in Clock Tower: The First Fear. Apparently, this bird was the only pet of Mary Barrows, residing in her bedroom and being properly cared.

Clock Tower: The First Fear[]

Residing in a cage in one of the bedrooms in the Barrows Mansion, the parrot acts as a minor hindrance to the player. In such cases, should the player have Jennifer Simpson hide in the bedroom, the parrot will leak the player's hiding spot to Bobby, forcing Jennifer to run and find another one.

The parrot, however, can be dealt with. The player must have Jennifer inspect the parrot before encountering Bobby, and free it. Afterwards, the parrot proceeds to fly around the room attack Jennifer while repeatedly shouting the words, "I'll kill you!" This causes Jennifer to panic. If the player clicks on the bed, Jennifer will stop the bird by smothering it with the nearby blanket, apparently killing the bird by suffocation.

If Jennifer kills the parrot, it's unlikely that Mary ever acknowledges this before her death, and thus, it's unknown how Mary would have reacted. The bird probably survives the incident if left alone, but in the sequel, it is not mentioned what happened with the animals living in the Barrows Mansion.


Out of all the animal NPCs in the game, the parrot is the only one who seems to be truly malevolent and actively trying to help the Barrows family. One interpretation for this is that the bird was driven mad by conviving with Mary and witnessing the numerous murders that have taken place in the mansion before the game's events. Another possibility is that the parrot as possessed by Dan Barrows, much like Rick's dog Victor was, however, somehow, Dan was not able to manipulate other animals living in the mansion.

It seems that Jennifer frees the parrot believing it is in danger, much like she will set free the crow and the rats who would be sacrificed by Mary. Nonetheless, the parrot is not grateful for this and won't try to escape the mansion, further implying it wants to help the Barrows family.