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Plate Key
In-game appearance
Plate Key Machines
Haunting Ground
A thin, metallic plate with letters carved into it.

Plate Keys are created by the plate key machine that resembles a typewriter. These stone keys have alphabetic letters carved into them and are then inserted into slots to unlock doors or make Golems move. The origins and properties of these tablets are unknown but it is assumed that they possess alchemic attributes.

Unfortunately, the number of plate keys made is limited. There are various plate key machines scattered throughout the property but each machine can only make ten plates at a time. Once a plate key is used, more plate keys can be made from whichever machine it was printed from. Oddly, there is no limit to how many plates Fiona Belli can carry.



  • METH - Gives Fiona the Obsidian Choker when the player types "METH" instead of "EMETH" and places it into the first Golem they encounter; disintegrating it and dropping the necklace.

Game progression[]

  • EMETH - Used on the first Golem Fiona encounters and will make him move. (this will not earn her the Obsidian Choker)
  • METH - Using this instead of "EMETH" on the first Golem will cause it to break apart and award Fiona with the Obsidian Choker.
  • REST - Used to unlock the restroom door.
  • SALT, SULFUR, MERCURY - Used to solve the three-headed snake puzzle.
  • RRL - Path to boss area.
  • RRLRR - Path to library.


  • SALTATIO - Causes a Golem to perform a para-para dance that completely restores Fiona's status.