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Plate machine-2

Fiona finding the device.

Plate machine keyboard-2

The keyboard.

It's not a computer, that's for sure. It has alphabetic keys, though.

The Plate Key Machine is a mysterious device found throughout Belli Castle. Its sole purpose is to carve letters into small stone tablets called plate keys.

The origins of the machine is unknown, but it is designed like a typewriter so it may have been created around the 19th century.

Unfortunately, there is a limit to how many plates keys can be made. Only ten plates can be made from each machine; however, once a plate key has been used, more can be made from the machine the player had previously printed them. Oddly, there is no limit to how many plate keys Fiona Belli can carry.


  • Coincidentally, in the Resident Evil series, another game by Capcom, the player saves their game using a typewriter.