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Alyssa corpse

Alyssa in "London".

Realms (unofficial name) are extremely mysterious worlds visited by Alyssa Hamilton in Clock Tower 3 that serves as the setting, other than the Hamilton House which acts as a main hub.

Nature of realms[]

The player can interpret their unexplained existence however they like, from a literal perspective or an abstract one. Although one could interpret realms as being literal, they may be the result of consciousness being transported, presumably to a separate plane of existence or dimension.

They may be similar to a dream. After Alyssa is done with one, she faints in a realm and somehow wakes back up in her bedroom, despite that she entered one from her mother's room, perhaps implying Alyssa was sleepwalking. If this theory is true, then it may be similar to the Nightmare on Elm Street series where if you die in a dream/realm, then you die in reality.


A spirit wandering a realm.

Realms are controlled by malicious entities called Subordinates. Realms are haunted by lingering spirits, implying they act as purgatory.

The exact nature of entering the realm is mysterious. Alyssa enters one for the first time while investigating her mother's room, but it is unknown what caused her to enter it. It may have been due to The Dark Gentleman. Entering realms may be a Rooder ability. Alyssa also finds a "Portal Square" in her house which gives her to ability to enter one realm.

Another theory posits that Alyssa and Dennis Owen may be dead during the entire game, which could be why can enter the realms.

The first realm: London 1942[]

The first realm is London in 1942, during World War II. This realm is set during war time. This realm is controlled by Sledgehammer. Victims of the realm include May Norton and William Norton and Sledgehammer's victims. Locations include Norton's Tailor and Victoria Hall.

The second realm: London 1963[]

The second realm is London, 1963. It is controlled by Corroder. Victims include Dorothy Rand and Albert Rand and Corroder's victims. Locations include the Rand House and some nearby factory.

The third realm: "Hell"[]

During the game, Alyssa is thrown down to "hell" which seems to be some sewer area for some reason.

Later, the realm transforms into a manifestation of the Hamilton House, which subsequently leads to the Rooder graveyard.

After this, Alyssa and Dennis are transported to a hospital.

The fourth realm: Burroughs castle[]

The fourth realm is Burroughs Castle, which, for unknown reasons, is under the Hamilton House.