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Alchemy room-2

Fiona finding the alchemic machine.


The Variatio Machina uses Medallions to create items. It is based on the Sefirot.

The Refining Room is a recurring room that is found via a hole in the wall in Haunting Ground. Fiona Belli, although hesitant to explore it at first, easily slips through. These rooms can be found whenever there is a hole present - only Fiona can enter; Hewie will wait outside (which poses the risk of him taking off by himself and Fiona would then need to find him) and stalkers can't enter and/or attack her while inside.

The room itself is vital for Fiona's survival in the game since the machine in the corner, the Variatio Machina (Variation Machine), is used to create items using the various Medallions.

There is a small pedestal in the corner called the Perpetuum Machina (Perpetuity Machine) that will produce Magnesia or Antimony Powder if the player needs them.

Finally, there is a machine that will dispense four pieces of equipment (Diamond Choker, Alchemist Earrings, Burst Shoes, Fairy Earrings) if given plate-keys on a second playthrough.

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