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Reporter's Memo is a document in Clock Tower 3.


News Reporter's Memo

Found important clue to Rand's murder. Will go back to the house to investigate & gather info. Got a feeling about this. It will be the biggest scoop in Fleet Street!

A newspaper clipping is sandwiched between the pages of the notepad.

Serial Killer Haigh Meets Grisly End

11th May, 1962, West Sussex... John Haigh, the serial killer on the run since early last year, has been found dead at a metal plating works. Haigh is held responsible for the cold-blooded murder of several pensioners, whom he robbed before placing the bodies in a container of sulphuric acid, thus disposing of the evidence.

The acid used in the crimes was stolen, leading the police to place factories in the area with stocks of sulphuric acid under surveillance. The suspect appeared at a plating factory in Horsham, and a struggle ensued. Haigh lost his balance and fell from a platform into a vat of acid, ironically meeting the same end as his victims.