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Rooder spirits in the graveyard.

Rooders (ルーダー Rūdā), occasionally spelled "Ruders," are teenage girls who "stand against the forces of darkness." Much of their existence is mysterious. They are introduced in Clock Tower 3.

According to Dick Hamilton, the Rooder blood is prominent in the Hamilton family, although the Rooders are scattered all over Europe. Rooders may have something to do with Burroughs family as the Hamilton family originate from the Burroughs. The Hamilton family may be part of the Burroughs who chose to reject the worship of the Great Father.

Their duty is to battle the Entities and Subordinates, and save people whose souls were lost by returning their precious items to their bodies and/or spirits. Rooders seem to have the ability to enter the realms.

The Rooder powers first appear in a woman's early teens, peak at age fifteen, and usually disappear entirely by age twenty.

The Ritual of Engagement is a dark ritual that claims it can give immortality if one kills a Rooder and drinks her blood on her 15th birthday.

In the Japanese version, they were voice by the voice actress Yukari Kanasawa, Chie Tanabe, Tomoe Ichikawa, Misuzu Masunaga and Jyuri Nemoto. Also, the dancers were voice by a different's voice actress (Bambi Miura, Kie Kawakami, Kaori Ozawa, Yū Hattori and Sachi Nagashima). But in the English version, all five Rooders and the dancers, were voiced alone by one dubbing actress (Andrée Bernard).

Known Rooders[]


Alyssa Hamilton, a Rooder.

Many Rooders are also found in the graveyard:

  • Maria Marell Hamilton
  • Michelle Hamilton (1864-78)
  • Christina Hamilton (1921-1932)
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    Rooder Symbol

  • Agnes Hamilton (1701-1718)
  • Claudia Hamilton