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30 (born 1966)
Determined by player (game)
Deceased (canon)
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Eye color
University employee, sociologist
Clock Tower
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Is that you, Baker? Oh. It's you, Helen.

Rose (ローズ Rōzu) is a minor character in Clock Tower. She is a member of Professor Fiero's sociology laboratory[1] in the University Research Building and is friends with Helen Maxwell. She and another co-worker, Baker, are carrying on an affair after hours in the closed office building, which Helen warns her against doing. Despite her wishes, Rose stays to meet up with Baker, but instead becomes another one of Scissorman's victims.

Clock Tower[]

Helen's scenario[]

When Helen enters the women's dormitory, Rose can be found resting on the top bunk. She at first mistakes her for Baker, and is disappointed when she learns it is not him. Rose then requests that Helen turn off the light so that she can sleep until Baker comes, and Helen does so before deciding to take a nap herself.

Some time later, Helen awakens to a knock on the door, and Rose missing. She opens it, thinking it is Baker, but discovers that it is really Scissorman using Baker's corpse to deceive her.


Helen finds Rose killed by Scissorman.

After Helen manages to evade him, Rose's corpse can be found mutilated, either in the women's bathroom stall or on the operating table in Barton's therapy room.

Jennifer's scenario[]

Rose only makes an appearance as a corpse in Jennifer's first scenario, able to be discovered murdered in the same fashion, and in the same locations.

Adventure Novels[]

Rose's corpse was found in the men's bathroom instead of the women's bathroom. Unlike in-game, Rose's corpse was posed as a "sick joke" by Scissorman for Helen to find; she was found crucified to the wall with screwdrivers, her mouth was slit wide open, and her eyeballs were gouged out and placed on her torso.[2]


  • The player doesn't need to find Rose's corpse to complete Scenario 1.
  • Rose is unable to sleep with the lights on.
  • Whenever Jennifer or Helen finds Rose's corpse in any way, they'll vomit on the floor in horror.
    • The manner in which the corpse was found in the women's bathroom stall suggests that Scissorman removed the front area of her chest to such an extent that her ribcage and intestines were exposed, and also mutilated her face.