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Ruby Choker
In-game appearance
Reduces stamina loss (moderate)
Recovers stamina (moderate)
Reduces Panic (moderate)
Old Lorenzo
Refining Room
Haunting Ground
Fancy ruby-red choker in the shape of a heart. Reduces speed at which stamina is lost and increases recovery speed. Also increases chance to avoid enemy power attacks.

The Ruby Choker is an item in Haunting Ground. When equipped, Fiona loses stamina moderately slower, recovers stamina moderately faster, and moderately decreases the chance of falling into Panic. It can be found on Debilitas and old Lorenzo, or refined.


(All stats were gather though 5 separate attempts with access to Fiona's stamina value)

Stamina lost after a 5s run: 4.95 / 100

Stamina lost after a 10s run: 10.32 / 100

Sprint time to reach 95 stamina lost: 1:32.06

Recovery time from 99 stamina lost: 15.05s

Backstep/Tackle Stamina lost: 7.5 / 100

Stamina Recovered per/second : 5.95

Note: Item is very similar to the Jade Choker, only the Ruby Choker had significantly better recovery speed!, no current way to determine power attack percentages.