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Scissorwalker is the main antagonist of NightCry. She stalks the player around the Oceanus ship, attempting to kill them before they can solve the game's mystery.


According to Vigo Boradsov's diary, it is heavily implied that Scissorwalker's full name is Yolanda Boradsov, and that Vigo raped and impregnated her with his son (and technically grandson) "Otto". There is a chance that Otto is Jerome Theuriau, meaning Jerome may be Scissorwalker's son.

According to Hifumi Kono, Scissorwalker was a girl that burned to death in a fire during a night with her mother.[1] It is possible that Jerome was once involved in this fire and survived, explaining his scars on his back, while Yolanda died. It is possible Yolanda died trying to protect Jerome.

The distorted cries of a child can be heard when Scissorwalker pursues the player, which is why the game is called NightCry.

Scissorwalker was brought to the cruise ship by a group of cultists that sneaked on board.


Scenario 1[]

Scissorwalker first appears to Monica Flores on the Oceanus. She kills Monica's friend, Harry, by dragging him into a vending machine and begins pursuing Monica throughout the ship. She also proceeded to conduct various acts of slaughter throughout the ship. Eventually, she managed to corner and kill Jessica Lopez, and also proceeded to use her corpse as bait to lure Monica towards her in a holding area. However, she was eventually scared off by a fire extinguisher.

Scenario 2[]

Scissorwalker does not appear at all in the chapter (not counting the "It's all too late ending" unlocked upon failing to meet certain requirements earlier), but she is indirectly referenced by Leonard Cosgrove, as he was trying to investigate the circumstances behind her slaughter on the ship.

Scenario 3[]

Scissorwalker first appeared in a dream with Jerome Theuriau, where she merely approaches him (foreshadowing his connection to her). Eventually, she ended up hiding in the shower and activated it, luring Rooney Simpson into the area and causing her to encounter her.

She then spent her time pursuing Rooney, and also slaughtering several people throughout the ship. Scissorwalker also knocked Kelly Butler out. She later ambushed Rooney at the cargo holds, and eventually activated a conveyor belt in an attempt to get at her.

Afterwards, she then managed to somehow infiltrate the holds, and proceeded to murder Maria Ortiz, shoving her up the vent just as Rooney was traversing through the ducts.

While pursuing Rooney, Scissorwalker is confronted by Angie Brown, whose husband she killed earlier. She then proceeds to kill Angie before disappearing again.

It is eventually revealed that she was under the command of Vigo Boradsov, who is her father and the one responsible for turning her into a monster. However, Rooney proceeded to forcibly remove her own eye to utilize the false eye she found earlier and thus convince Scissorwalker to exact her revenge against Vigo, which she did. She disappeared afterwards.



NightCry - Game Over

Scissorwalker killing Monica, Leonard and Rooney.

  • Scissorwalker is commonly mistaken to be male.
  • If NightCry is considered part of the Clock Tower series, then she is technically the second female Scissor"man" (or Scissorwoman), the first being Scissorwoman Jemima.
  • In the live action teaser, Scissorwalker appears to have the ability to morph into a grotesque mass of red vines. It is possible that this will grant her the ability to appear from vents and other small openings.
  • Masahiro Ito, who designed Pyramid Head in the Silent Hill series, is responsible for the design of Scissorwalker. Ito was requested by Kono to try and keep the designs more faithful to the world of Clock Tower compared to that of Silent Hill.
  • In one of the concept arts, it shows Scissorwalker's face being covered by flies or moths, bearing a large resemblance to the climax of Phenomena, the inspiration for Clock Tower: The First Fear, and by extension the Clock Tower franchise, where Patua was partially devoured by Sarcophagus flies.


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