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Simon Barrows
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37 (born 1958)
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Unknown (possibly painter; see Trivia)
Clock Tower: The First Fear
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Right now... it's... watching you... Cradle under the star...

Simon Barrows (サイモン・バロウズ Saimon Barouzu) is a character in Clock Tower: The First Fear. He is referred to as "Mr. Barrows" by Jennifer Simpson, Laura Harrington, Lotte, Anne, and Mary, his wife.


Simon Barrows appears as a middle-aged man with untidy hair and a haggard appearance. Due to being locked up in the shed for a long period of time, he wears filthy and worn-out clothing.


Simon is a member of the wealthy Barrows Family. Given that it is more common for wives to take their husband's surname, it is likely he is a direct descendant while Mary probably is not. He is described by his butler Rick as wise, courageous and kind.

According to the novelization, he was aware of the curse with the Barrows clan and the Great Father, which threatened to produce yet more monsters, despite many decades of peace.

At some point in time, he may have had twin boys with Mary named Bobby and Dan (unless the theory that Mary was impregnated by a demon is true).

Aware of the curse, Simon resolved to fight the dark god; he fired all his servants, including Rick, presumably for their protection, and steadily made his preparations for his battle.

After the birth of the demonic children, Mary became involved with black magic. Simon anxiously watched his wife, and decided to murder her at the point when Mary planned to commit murder for sacrifices for the black magic ritual to make Bobby and Dan survive. However, he failed and, in retaliation, Mary locked Simon in the shed for an unspecified amount of time. Mary originally intended to kill Simon, but kept him trapped to make him suffer more, possibly for years. She may have also fed him her human victims, forcing him to become a cannibal to survive, given that he refers to Jennifer as "food". He appears to have lost much of his sanity.

Clock Tower: The First Fear[]

During the game, Jennifer may be thrown into Simon's cell through two possible ways:

  • Finding Mary in the lounge, where Mary would briefly comfort Jennifer before giving her a poisonous drink. Upon drinking it, Jennifer would then faint and awaken in Simon's cell afterwards.
  • Looking at a cabinet of drinks in the kitchen. Inspecting the cabinet twice results in Jennifer taking a drink and either having vigor restored,or falling, unconscious, waking up in Simon's cell afterwards.

Simon locked up in a cage in the shed

Upon waking up and noticing Simon, Jennifer attempts to talk to him, only for him to utter his want for food. If the player doesn't have the ham with them, Simon proceeds to eat Jennifer, resulting in a "Dead End". If the player gives Simon the ham, Simon won't attack Jennifer and, upon being asked, mutters his name to her. Simon then proceeds to tell Jennifer about the "Cradle Under the Star" before falling silent.[1]

  • If the player has the Green Key, Jennifer would be able to unlock the cell door and escape.
  • If the player doesn't have the Green Key, shortly after the conversation, Lotte would appear, unlocking the cell door to free Jennifer. Just when the two were escaping from the shed, Lotte would then be shot by Mary, who threatens Jennifer. The player would then have to use a nearby stick to knock Mary out once she enters the shed in order to escape; otherwise, Mary will shoot Jennifer, who would either be staying still or hiding inside a nearby box.


According to the Japanese novelization of Clock Tower, police found Simon dead.[2] It is most likely that he presumably starved to death. This lead to the possibility that finding the corpse of Walter Simpson is the canon scenario (See trivia below).

Creator's comment[]

After the birth of her brother, Mary becomes inordinately engrossed mentally in suspicious black magic. Simon anxiously watches Mary, and decides to murder her at the point when Mary along with her brother plans to commit murder for sacrifices for the black magic ritual. However Mary becomes enraged, and launches a counter attack, imprisoning Simon. Mary, is determined to keep him imprisoned rather that instantly killing him, so she can enjoy watching him breakdown and become mentally sick. In this hopelessness, just the continuance of life is crueler than instant death, and shows the strength of Mary's anger.[3]

NOTE: The "her brother" part is a mistranslation. It is not referring to Mary's unseen "brother", but simply Bobby and Dan.[1]


  • If Jennifer visits the room where she finds her father's corpse before seeing Simon, Simon won't appear for the rest of the game; vice versa for seeing Simon first.
  • If Jennifer or Lotte open the cell door, Simon would appear to refuse to escape, presumably due to malnourishment or lack of energy.
  • Before or after talking to Simon, if the player heads back to the shed, Simon would be found locked up in the cell. Any attempt to talk to Simon, even attempting to unlock the cell with the Green Key, would be futile.
  • It is possible that Simon is a painter, as various painting materials can be found by the player in-game. This may explain why the Barrows Mansion and the Barrows Castle have various paintings.
  • In Clock Tower, in Jennifer's scenario, if the Demon Idol is sent to Rick, he shows Nolan Campbell a chandelier that was given to him by Simon himself after Rick retired while working at Barrows Castle.
  • If you go back to the shed after your encounter with Mary and talk to Simon through the bars, he will say '.....' and then 'He's no longer looking at Jennifer.' Since the thing 'watching you' in the 'cradle under the star' is Dan, then this means that Dan was watching Jennifer earlier and possibly revealed Jennifer's location to Mary, and after he did so, he stopped watching her.