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Sledgehammer from Clock Tower 3
32 (born 1909)
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Clock Tower 3
Voice actor
Robert Perkins (English)
Kazutoshi Yokoyama (Japanese)
You've figured me out, little girl. They thought they got rid of me that day in the gallows, but they were wrong! Little May was only the beginning!
—Sledgehammer to Alyssa Hamilton

Sledgehammer (ハンマー男 Hammā-otoko), known as Robert Morris (リチャード・モーリス Richādo Mōrisu, "Richard Maurice"), is the first Subordinate encountered in Clock Tower 3. Prior to becoming a serial killer, he was known as Robert Morris, a stone-cutter. He uses a giant sledgehammer to bludgeon his victims to death.

He had killed 26 victims and was sentenced to 486 years. He was hanged, but was resurrected due to being a Subordinate and possessed by an Entity.

Clock Tower 3[]


May's Death

Sledgehammer kills May Norton.

Sledgehammer is first seen in the beginning of the game when Alyssa Hamilton enters Norton's Tailor. He was found bludgeoning twelve-year-old pianist, May Norton to death on Christmas Eve 1942. After, he gives chase to Alyssa and corners her in May's room, but Alyssa throws a chair at him and escapes.


Sledgehammer scares May's ghost.

He chases her throughout London. When Alyssa enters Victoria Hall, she sees May's ghost playing the piano; Sledgehammer appears from above, frightening May's ghost away, and he continues to stalk Alyssa relentlessly through the concert hall. After Alyssa obtains the pliers, Sledgehammer is aided by lunar moths.

After Alyssa obtains the Pocket Watch, she returns to the entrance of the concert hall. However, Sledgehammer appears from above and chases her. Alyssa defeats him after a boss battle.

Near the end of the game, his deceased "spirit" is seen at the Ritual of Engagement with the rest of Dick Hamilton's Subordinates. All of them disappear when Alyssa uses the power of her Clover Necklace.


10 September 1941 - Robert Morris, 32, the man known as the Hammer Killer, has been hanged. Rumors regarding Morris' death are widespread. One witness reported: "He was hanging for a very long time, pulling on the straps and making unearthly noises, and blood was oozing through the black cap. The stench was terrible--some witnesses fainted and were carried out."

Morris' first victim was Tony Flanagan, 35, a fellow employee at the Banbury stonecutting factory. On 6 June 1940, Morris suddenly struck Flanagan on the head with a hammer, killing him instantly. All five workers present were killed in the same manner. Morris disappeared thereafter. A string of similar crimes occurred until the time of Morris's arrest on 6th March in Arleton, Hampshire.

Morris' victims numbered twelve, and no clear motive has been determined. Specialists continue to be baffled by the seemingly abrupt change in his behavior, as well as the extreme violence of his crimes.


  • "I killed her!"
  • "Alyssa! Where are you?!"
  • "You're mine now!"
  • "Die!"
  • "You're next!"



Sledgehammer stalking Alyssa in Hard Mode.


Clock Tower 3 Sledgehammer

Sledgehammer kills Alyssa.

  • If Sledgehammer is fought in Hard Mode, his sledgehammer is replaced with a morning star.
  • It is possible his mask makes it harder for him to see, as he makes loud sniffing noises when he searches for Alyssa.
  • In 1941, he was hanged, and when he killed May in 1942, he was already a Subordinate.
    • In addition, his bio mentions that specialists were still baffled by his abrupt change in behavior, which implies that not only was he already a Subordinate when he committed the murders, but that he had been driven to commit the murders by an Entity.
  • For unknown reasons, one of the strategy guides for the game calls him "Richard Maurice".[1] It is unknown if this is an error, or Sledgehammer's intended name that was mistranslated.


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