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Southern Oslo University (in-game appearance)

The University Research Building, known formally as Southern Oslo University, is the first location in Clock Tower.


Though there are some parts of the building meant for student affairs, This particular structure was built as a dedicated work area for University researchers, including the Criminal Profiling department led by Samuel Barton. There are several computer labs, an examination room, sleeping area as well as other related facilities.

Clock Tower[]

Jennifer's Scenario[]

Jennifer Simpson finds herself here one night on the way home after having dinner with Nolan Campbell. She felt that someone was stalking her and asked a guard for help, but the latter gets decapitated by the Scissorman. She sought refuge in the building but gets locked in. After evading her pursuer long enough to retrieve the Rooftop Emergency Exit Key, Jennifer was able to get out of the building unharmed.

Helen's Scenario[]

Helen Maxwell decides to take a nap in the sleeping quarters of the building. She is awakened later in the evening by someone violently knocking on the door. She opens it and finds a standing corpse of Baker, later pushed aside by the Scissorman. Fortunately, Helen was able to keep him at bay long enough to get Steel Cutters and the Underground Parking Lot Key to reach her car to escape.