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Scissorman, the stalker of Clock Tower.

A stalker is a foe who chases the main character throughout the whole game, or throughout certain levels.

Clock Tower: The First Fear

  • Bobby Barrows - For the most part of the game Bobby chases Jennifer throughout the Barrows Mansion with his giant pair of scissors.
  • Dan Barrows - For a small amount of time Dan pursues Jennifer out of his cave.
  • Mary Barrows - The mother of Bobby and Dan. Sometimes tries to stab Jennifer with a knife.
  • Mummy - Presumably one of Mary's early victims. In the PlayStation and WonderSwan versions of the game, it kepts the Cage Key and chases Jennifer around the trophy room.

Clock Tower

Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within

  • Stephanie Tate - The youngest child of the Tate family. Wielding a butcher knife, she stalks Alyssa/Bates only in Chapter 1.
  • Michael Tate (Samurai Armor) - The oldest child of the Tate family. Before Alyssa arrived at the Tate's house, Michael climbs into a set of samurai armor to hide from Stephanie, and becomes a zombie once inside. Once Alyssa triggers it, the armor will move and appear in different locations of the house. Only appears in Chapter 1.
    • Note - The armor must be triggered to get all of the endings above Ending G.
  • Zombies - Test subjects infected with the Cerebral Toxin. They stalk Alyssa/Bates in Chapter 2 and Chapter 3.
  • George Maxwell - Alyssa's biological father and the main antagonist. Wearing a red Hannya mask and wielding a giant hatchet, he stalks Alyssa/Bates only in Chapter 3.

Clock Tower 3

The stalkers in Clock Tower 3 are also known as subordinates (魔のモノの配下 Ma-no-mono-no-haika) -- malicious spirits brought back from execution to hunt and kill the Rooders for their hearts.

Haunting Ground