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Scissorman, the stalker of Clock Tower.

A stalker is a foe who chases the main character throughout the whole game, or throughout certain levels.

Clock Tower: The First Fear[]

  • Bobby Barrows - For the most part of the game Bobby chases Jennifer throughout the Barrows Mansion with his giant pair of scissors.
  • Dan Barrows - For a small amount of time Dan pursues Jennifer out of his cave.
  • Mary Barrows - The mother of Bobby and Dan. Sometimes tries to stab Jennifer with a knife.
  • Mummy - Presumably one of Mary's early victims. In the PlayStation and WonderSwan versions of the game, it kepts the Cage Key and chases Jennifer around the trophy room.

Clock Tower[]

Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within[]

  • Stephanie Tate - The youngest child of the Tate family. Wielding a butcher knife, she stalks Alyssa/Bates only in Chapter 1.
  • Michael Tate (Samurai Armor) - The oldest child of the Tate family. Before Alyssa arrived at the Tate's house, Michael climbs into a set of samurai armor to hide from Stephanie, and becomes a zombie once inside. Once Alyssa triggers it, the armor will move and appear in different locations of the house. Only appears in Chapter 1.
    • Note - The armor must be triggered to get all of the endings above Ending G.
  • Zombies - Test subjects infected with the Cerebral Toxin. They stalk Alyssa/Bates in Chapter 2 and Chapter 3.
  • George Maxwell - Alyssa's biological father and the main antagonist. Wearing a red Hannya mask and wielding a giant hatchet, he stalks Alyssa/Bates only in Chapter 3.

Clock Tower 3[]

The stalkers in Clock Tower 3 are also known as subordinates (魔のモノの配下 Ma-no-mono-no-haika) -- malicious spirits brought back from execution to hunt and kill the Rooders for their hearts.

Haunting Ground[]