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Artwork of Tim
27 (born 1969)
Determined by player input
Hair color
Eye color
Freelance photographer
Clock Tower
Voice actor
Jojo Otani
Take these matches in case you need... a light.
—Tim giving Jennifer a pack of matches

Tim (ティム Timu) is a minor character in Clock Tower. He serves as Nolan Campbell's right-hand man and cameraman throughout the adventure. He also works at Oslo Weekly Newspaper Company. He is jovial and doesn't take things too seriously.

Clock Tower[]

Tim plays a minor role in the story and his survival depends solely on the actions of the player. He joins the expedition to the Barrows Castle.

Jennifer's Scenario[]

Tim can be found in the second floor in the room where Jennifer Simpson climbs out of the fireplace.

If the player hasn't picked up the dagger yet, Tim will be found alive, sitting on the floor beside the fireplace. Tim will give to Jennifer the matches.

However, if the player already picked up the dagger, Tim will be found dead with his head burning in the fireplace with his camera. The matches will be found on the floor beside him.(5:00)

Helen's Scenario[]


In-game appearance (Helen's Scenario).

Tim can be found in the wine cellar.

If the player had Helen Maxwell go up the ladder again, a noise will be heard and Tim will be found alive behind the shelf. Tim will give to Helen the Mansion Key.

However, if the player has Helen check the wine barrel, he will be considered dead, as the barrel will contain his blood and a key. Scissorman will be found behind the shelf.

This happens with Beth in Jennifer's scenario.

Adventure Novels[]

In Helen's novel, Tim assisted Nolan in saving Jennifer and Helen and fending off Scissorman down at the wine cellar by using his camera to temporarily blind the stalker. While the group was climbing back up, Tim was the last one coming up the ladder. Consequently Scissorman kills him by severing his lower torso.


  • According to the Japanese novelization, Tim is a horror movie maniac.
  • He has a fear of flying but goes with the party to England anyway.